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Many of my days are spent on the road — traveling and visiting the wonderful folks behind so many fantastic restaurants in Texas and beyond. When we’re shooting on the road, the very long days and airport delays can really take a toll. Over the years, I’ve learned some tricks and tweaked my trips to include some of my favorite products, so the road feels a little more like home.

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For starters, I love to start my day with a fantastic cup of coffee. Often, the hotels we stay at have okay coffee but not fantastic…sometimes, it’s really bad. So, one of our producers shared a tip that I’ve embraced and am loving — I travel with my beloved Nespresso coffee maker, pods and all! It fits in my carry-on, and I cannot tell you the mental difference it makes starting my day with a wonderful cup of coffee. That 6 am cup of perky deliciousness truly sets the stage for the rest of the day.

I also bring along a few pairs of earplugs. Hotels can be noisy, and a good night’s sleep is a priority. The Mack’s Slim Fit plugs help ensure that happens. They aren’t the cutest but definitely do the job; I’ve tried a variety of brands, sizes, etc., and for me, these work great (yes, they help with snoring husbands too). If you’re wanting to sport something a little prettier and channel your inner “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” these combine fashion and function to your restful sleep.

Sometimes, if I have space, I even bring my favorite pillow. It’s a little piece of comfort I can bring that’ll make me feel like I’m sleeping in my own bed. The brand my chiropractor turned me on to uses water to balance your head and neck weights.

I NEVER rely on the hotel’s supplies for hair care or skin care. My hair and skin may not be compatible with its formulation, and the last thing I want before a shoot is flat, limp hair or dry skin. I always bring my own. I’ve been a long time fan of Aveda hair care products but lately, I’m loving some of the Goldwell products too.

Last but not least, skin care. At any age, your skin’s health is a priority. I believe it starts from within… with your diet. I take supplements and large amounts of vitamin B complex to help manage stress but, but I also splurge on skin care products. I love La Prairie products. Ask the cosmetic folks at their counter for samples — they travel well compared to the full-size products and actually last awhile. If you’re a beauty on a budget, I also really like some of the Oil of Olay products too. They’ve been around awhile, long enough to prove their viability.

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A long-wearing concealer is a must—late night shoots don’t make for good early morning eyes. The Clé de Peau concealer is my favorite. It does not clump or cake, it covers everything from dark circle and blemishes without feeling heavy. It is extremely long-wearing perfect for video shoots under the hot studio lights and traveling.

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