My 6 Travel Essentials

While filming a new season of Goodtaste, I sure do a lot of travel. From the coast to New Orleans and everywhere in between, our team is always on the go. To make sure that I stay fresh, rested, energized and organized, I rely on a few essentials to keep me going. Here, my 6 travel must-haves.

1. Soothing Eye Mask

I just LOVE this lavender eye pillow that I picked up at Becker Vineyards while visiting for a shoot. The beautiful scent of lavender is so relaxing, it puts me right to sleep, even when I’m hopping from hotel to hotel. Becker Vineyards offers a whole line of quality dried lavender products. Find them online HERE.

2. Monster Cookies

I always travel with these Monster cookies from Bird Bakery on hand…always! I pop them in a Ziplock bag and they last for days. Bird’s oatmeal cranberry cookies are also delicious for a quick bite after a long day. Get the recipe on Goodtaste!

3. Best-Ever Granola

Speaking of on-the-go snacks, I can’t live without KITCHUN’s No Grain-ola, made by a group of women in Austin, Texas. My favorite variety is the Holy Coco-Cocao, loaded with nuts, seeds, coconut chips and vegan-friendly chocolate. Order it online or pick up a bag at your local H-E-B.

4. A Chic Pouch

I recently discovered an adorable store in San Antonio called Felix Modern. I adore this embroidered pouch that I use to keep all of my notes, pens and my phone in one place when I’m on the go. Bonus: it feels good to support a local business!

5. A Dose of Vitamin-C

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Traveling also means that I’m exposed to a lot of different allergens and strains of sickness. So, I always travel with Emergen-C packets – the powdered form of Vitamin C. Dissolve them in water and ward off any bugs! You can find these at your local H-E-B or Central Market.

6. Stay Hydrated

I never leave my house without a cold bottle of sparkling Topo Chico and, when we’re on the road, I’m desperate to find one whenever we are! I love the peppery little effervescent bubbles. It’s beyond refreshing!

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