5 One Pot Dinners to Make NOW

One-pot cooking is my favorite way to feed my family when the weather starts to crisp up. Not only does it cut down on the dishes (which is always a win in my book), but your dinner cooks without you, simmering quietly on the stove and filling your house with wonderful smells. Before you know it, dinner is ready and you feel like you barely had to do a thing. Whether you’re craving a rich beef stew, super-tender chicken or fresh seafood, it can all be done in one nifty pot. Here, 5 one pot dinners to make this fall.

1. One Pot Mac-and-Cheese

Homemade mac-and-cheese has truly never been so easy. In this genius recipe from The Food Network Test Kitchen, dried pasta is simmered briefly in whole milk until the starches from the noodles thicken the liquid. Then, fold in your cheese, some mustard, butter, salt and spices, and voila – dinner is served. Bonus: This recipe even has a helpful video to walk you through the steps.

2. Clam-and-Oyster Pan Roast

This creamy seafood dish from Food & Wine Magazine and chef Vivian Howard is hearty and satisfying, but not heavy. Winter greens are added to make this a full meal. While a peppery mustard or turnip green is best here, you can also use chopped kale in a pinch. Also, be sure to have plenty of crusty bread for sopping up this incredible sauce.

3. Green Shakshuka

Who says vegetarians can’t get in on the fun? This spicy Middle Eastern shakshuka works for breakfast and dinner (or a luxurious weekend lunch). Swiss chard is cooked with toasty spices and sliced chilies before being topped with eggs and popped in the oven. Be careful not to overcook the eggs – you want just-set whites and still-runny yolks.

4. Fireside Beef Stew

Rich and slowly simmered in red wine until tender, this warming beef stew is a cure-all for a cold fall afternoon. The best part? It can also be made several days ahead and reheated gently. It actually gets better the longer it sits. Do not skip the garnishes here – the pop of freshly grated horseradish makes this recipe and sets it apart.

5. Chicken and Biscuits

When the days get shorter and the early winter blues start to set in, make this recipe. It is pure comfort food. It’s also much easier than it looks. Root vegetables and aromatics are sautéed until almost tender and then folded into a creamy veloute (a simple roux and chicken stock sauce) with shredded chicken. The recipe calls for poached chicken, but a rotisserie chicken will totally do the trick. For topping: a quick drop biscuit to seal in all of the juices and get nice and crispy on top. This recipe is sure to please everyone.

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