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Get your corkscrews ready because it’s time for our H-E-B wine segment. I love doing these segments and based on your emails, you really like them, too. Thank you for your feedback. Now let’s share a little love of the vine here…


Up first, a very food friendly wine… the Amici Rosé Cotes de Provence. This is a classic Provence style rosé – it is crisp and bright with notes of strawberries. It pairs perfectly with almost anything you’re having for dinner, and it’s priced at $15.98 a bottle.

Now, not only will you love this wine, you’ll fall head over heels for the price. This is the Love Noir red blend from California. It’s satiny smooth. You’re going to taste dark cherries, raspberries and even a hint of cocoa. This would be a wonderful wine for barbecue, anything off the grill, or a glass all by itself type of wine. You may not want to share… it’s only $10.98 a bottle.  

Last but not least is the Oak Farm Tivoli. Now, check out its name carefully — it is “I love it” spelled backwards! This award-winning wine is a red blend from Lodi with old vine zinfandel grapes. I love these grapes for they impart the most flavor. There’s also some barbera in here, and a little petite sirah. The Oak Farms Tivoli is priced at about $20 a bottle.

As always you can find all my wine picks at H-E-B and tune in to Goodtaste with Tanji for even more wine picks and pairings.



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