5 Party-Perfect Holiday Punches

There is nothing more festive than a big bowl of boozy punch just waiting for your guests to take a dip. It also happens to be the easiest way to quench the thirst of a big crowd. This season, consider one of these 5 colorful, spiked punches for your holiday celebrations. Whether you like your drinks dry, fruity, creamy or sparkling, we have something for you. Bonus: all of these punches can be made in advance. Now, that is something worth celebrating.


1. Earl Grey-Bourbon Punch


This bright and herbaceous bourbon-tea punch from Bon Appetit Magazine stays extra cool with the help of a homemade ice ring. It’s easier than you think: Arrange lemon slices and herbs in the bottom of a bundt pan and then top it with a few inches of water. Freeze, then unmold and pop in your punch bowl before serving. The larger piece of ice melts slower so your punch doesn’t water down.


2. Sticky Toffee Pudding Eggnog

This eggnog from Food & Wine Magazine is thick and creamy, just how it was originally intended. To infuse the caramelly flavor of a sticky toffee pudding, chef Eben Freeman soaks a store-bought sticky toffee pudding in heavy cream in the fridge for two days. The cream is then strained and then used to make this decadent cognac and rum-spiked eggnog. This is a bit of a process, but it is well worth the effort. Plus, you can make it advance so when your guests arrive all you have to do is pour it into chilled glasses.


3. Retro Rum Punch

How fun is this old school rum punch from Southern Living Magazine? We can just imagine Bing Crosby sipping on one of these at the Holiday Inn. The twist to this rum punch is a touch of ginger beer for some effervescence and a peppery kick. The higher quality ginger beer, the better. If you are mixing this up in advance, wait to add the ginger beer until your guests arrive so it doesn’t fall flat.


4. Sparkling Mediterranean Rosé Punch

This gorgeous sparkling rose punch from cookbook author Julia Charles can be made all year round. While it is thirst-quenching in the summer, it’s the perfect party cocktail in the winter when citrus is at its peak. The Aperol adds a pleasant bitterness and a lovely rosy hue. If you are making this in advance, wait to add the sparkling wine until your guests arrive. It is also best to leave ice out for guests to help themselves instead of plopping the cubes in the punch bowl.


5. Raspberry-and-Thyme Hot Toddy Punch

What could be more warming after a day of sledding and pond hockey than this Chambord-spiked hot toddy? Simmer the tea bags, water, aromatics and citrus slices earlier in the day and then reheat gently when it’s time to enjoy. Be careful not to let the punch simmer or boil after adding the whiskey and raspberry liqueur or you will cook off all of the alcohol!

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