3 Can’t-Miss Moments from this Weekend’s NEW Episode

This weekend on Goodtaste with Tanji, we visit the small town of Blanco and dig into one of the best breakfasts in Texas at Chess Club Café. Then, follow along as we travel to Austin for phenomenal feel-good food at Picnik (you won’t believe it’s all gluten-free). Lastly, we make our way to an iconic Mexican spot, Irma’s Original, and meet the woman behind it all. To tease your palate a little more, here are 3 must-not-miss moments in this week’s new episode of Goodtaste with Tanji Season 4.

1. Restaurant Reboot

Emily Becker knew she never wanted to own a restaurant. At 10 years old, she worked at her father’s restaurant managing the register, doing dishes and bussing tables. When she met her husband Steve, a French-trained chef, he completely changed how she felt about the restaurant industry. His passion for using fresh ingredients and everything made to order is what inspired her to get back into the business. Now, Steve is the creative force that drives the menu and Emily handles all of the fast-paced work in front of the house.

2. Listen to Your Gut

At age 19, Naomi Seifter, the owner of Picnik, found out she was celiac and very allergic to gluten. After college, she decided she needed to go on a journey of introspection and self-study to explore what she wanted to do with her life and how to overcome her food allergy. Living in yoga ashrams and traveling around places like Quebec, upstate New York, Toronto and India, Naomi experienced the “mind-body” connection firsthand. Whether it was instinct or intuition, she found herself in Austin. For Naomi, she believes she developed this food allergy to lead her on this specific path. 3 years later, she opened Picnik, her oasis for good, gluten-free food.


3. Second Chances

After losing her husband and her job, Irma Galvan was left to take care of her four children.  Struggling as a single mother, she decided to open a small shop to sell sandwiches and homemade lemonade in a developing area of Houston. Surrounded by old warehouses, she gradually bought pieces of property. People thought she was crazy for even attempting to run a business in the warehouse district. 12 years later Minute Maid Park was built and Downtown became one of the busiest areas of the city. Still at their original location, Irma goes to work every day to make the guacamole.


Tune in this weekend for delicious food and MORE during an ALL NEW episode of Goodtaste with Tanji.

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