5 Easy Christmas Morning Meals

Breakfast Sandwich Strata

This crowd-pleasing breakfast bake with toasted English muffins, ham, melty cheddar cheese and fluffy eggs has all of the makings of your favorite breakfast sandwich! The best part is that you can assemble the entire thing a day in advance. All of the nooks and crannies of the toasted English muffins soak up the egg custard overnight making the strata creamy and light on the inside and crispy and golden on top. If you’re looking for more strata inspiration check out these two local recipes from Buttermilk Cafe in New Braunfels and Central Market.


Epic Bagel Bar

If you don’t want to worry about juggling a plate, spring for a handheld breakfast to fuel you through the morning. Prep the sweet and savory toppings for your bagel bar ahead of time, then lay everything out in the morning and let people help themselves. Looking to do something a little “extra”? Make your own cured salmon! Get the recipe for a version made with tequila HERE.


Make-Ahead Christmas Morning  Pancakes

After a few busy weeks of the holiday hustle and bustle, spend a casual Christmas morning in your pajamas surrounded by twinkling lights and your loved ones. There’s no need to rush into the kitchen to mix up these pancakes. Prepare the batter the night before and then let it sit in the fridge to develop rich flavor. Simply said, overnight yeast-risen pancakes are a Christmas miracle. (Recipe from The Kitchn)


Spanish Breakfast Casserole with Eggs and Bacon

This savory breakfast dish with bacon and smoky paprika is ideal for a Christmas brunch; the entire casserole can be assembled the night before so all that’s left to do is bake it the next day. Bonus: this dish also plays double duty as a make-ahead dinner, too. (Recipe from Bon Appétit Magazine)


Christmas Morning Casserole

Chef brothers Bryan and Michael Voltaggio grew up eating this hearty strata on Christmas morning. Studded with toasted bread, bites of pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers and gooey cheese, this recipe is a classic. (Recipe from Food & Wine Magazine)

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