2019 Food Trends to Cook (and Drink) at Home

Curious what 2019 has in store for us? While the Goodtaste team can’t predict everything, we can share some of the newest food trends to look out for in 2019. From sustainably-focused menus to seaweed everything, here are 5 food trends we’ll be seeing EVERYWHERE in 2019 along with how to recreate them in your own kitchen.

1. Plant-Based Mains

Vegetables are taking center stage in 2019. Vegetable-based entreés are not just for vegetarians now or seen as an alternative to meat – they are being treated as a complete dish on their own. This shift in how we eat is not only better for our health, but also better for our planet.

Cook the trend: Epicurious’s One-Skillet Roasted Butternut Squash with Spiced Chickpeas


2. Chilled Reds

While Rosé will always have a special place in our hearts, this spring we’ll be experimenting with chilled reds. Young, low-alcohol, low-tannin reds like Gamay, Grenache and Chilean Pipeños are just as refreshing when chilled. They also have more nuance than your standard Rosé thanks to the extra skin contact.  Bonus: These wines are just as affordable as your go-to pink wine – they come in between $12 to $20.

Drink the trend: Campo Viejo Garnacha Red Wine


3. Seaweed: The Other Leafy Green

Seaweed, in all of its wonderful edible varieties – Wakame, arame, kelp and hijiki – has been appearing on restaurant menus more and more this past year. This is the year that we will start to see the next iteration: seaweed products! Nori salt or kelp butter add a wonderful briny flavor. Kelp is also a great sustainable ingredient for environmentally-conscious cooks.

Cook the trend: Bon Appetit Magazine’s Pickled Vegetable Salad with Nori Vinaigrette


4. Gourmet Childhood Snacks

People are less concerned about getting in three square meals a day and are filling in with creative snacks that are just as satisfying as a sit-down meal. From adult-friendly takes on Lunchables to Ants on a Log made with Kimchi Cream Cheese, these glorified snacks are filling, fun and best eaten with your hands.

Cook the trend: Furthermore’s Picnic Bento Box


5. Alternative Ice Creams

With the growing prevalence of food sensitivities, there are fantastic new dairy-free pints popping up in freezer aisles across the country. Both local small-batch “creameries” and national brands are experimenting with frozen treats made with coconut milk, almond milk, creamy avocado or pea protein.

Cook the trend: Food & Wine Magazine’s Creamy Avocado Paletas


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