What to Drink This Week

Easy to drink, affordable and great tasting — these wines fit the bill! Grab your grocery list because you’re going to want to write these down. As always, you can get all of these picks at your local H-E-B.

Up first, if you love a bottle on a budget, the Raymond Vineyards R Collection Cabernet is for you! The Raymond Winery farms its grapes organically and biodynamically. This is their entry level cabernet — it’s a lighter style cab with flavors of cherries and red plums. This is an ideal food wine because of its bright acidity – pair with all kinds of meats and even pizza. $11

Next, a great Malbec from the award-winning Catena winery in Argentina. These full-bodied malbecs are produced from very old vines at very high altitudes – the result is a fantastic wine with rich flavors of dark fruits like plums and blackberries with a touch of vanilla and a hint of spice. Robert Parker named this winery one of the top three in Argentina. $16

Okay, white wine fans, I wouldn’t leave you out. I’m a huge fan of so many of the Josh wines, so I chose the Josh Cellars Sonoma Reserve Chardonnay. This wine pairs beautifully with creamy pasta dishes, chicken, fish and, it’s great all by itself. Chard fans, do yourself a favor and try this wine, it’s truly a great buy. $18

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