Goodtaste with Tanji – S3E18

Bring a big appetite for this episode of Goodtaste, featuring one of the top steakhouses in the nation and farm-to-table fare in Houston. Then, it’s out to Austin for burgers made with a lot of love!

Improve Your 2018 Diet with Super Foods

It’s a new year and a lot of us (including me) are working to improve our diets. I’m planning on doing that by adding more so-called “super foods” to my diet.

Goodtaste with Tanji – S3E13

We’re taking you to perfectly puffy tacos and fiery queso in San Antonio, luscious lobster rolls in Austin, and fine French cooking that takes center stage in Houston’s culinary scene!

Real Deal Lobster Rolls from Garbo’s in Austin!

You’ll love the luscious “lobsta” rolls from Garbo’s in Austin, with sweet plump lobster fresh from the Atlantic, creamy mayo, crunchy celery … all encapsulated in a toasted buttery roll!

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