A Basement Bistro at Rathskeller

We’re going underground for a gourmet feast at Rathskeller, a one-of-a-kind basement bistro nestled beneath an old stone hospital in the Texas Hill Country. Rathskeller boasts bites to please every palate […]

5 Party-Perfect Holiday Punches

There is nothing more festive than a big bowl of boozy punch just waiting for your guests to take a dip. It also happens to be the easiest way to quench the thirst of a big crowd. This season, consider […]

Stuffed Butternut Squash

Stuffed Butternut Squash

Beautiful butternut squash, cooked and caramelized, and topped with a kale ragout from Parkside.

3 Can’t-Miss Moments in this Weekend’s NEW Episode

This weekend on Goodtaste with Tanji, we visit an authentic Italian restaurant housed in a historic hotel that has broken world records. We meet the owner of a brunch spot who had a previous career in pyrotechnics. Then, we make our way to a tried-and-true Texas steakhouse for super-local ingredients. To tease your palate a […]

One-of-a-Kind Wine at Becker Vineyards

Cheers to Becker Vineyards, the beautiful Hill Country winery that has won international awards for its wine. Plan for a chef prepared lunch in the beautiful garden and a special tasting in the dramatic underground cellar […]

Aged Like Fine Wine at Fall Creek Vineyard

If you’re headed to Texas Hill Country then do not miss Fall Creek Vineyards.  It’s a stunning location and one of the original vineyards in the Texas Hill Country. This superb award winning winery in Tow, Texas has produced noteworthy wines for more than four decades. The climate, rocky soil and high-quality grapes all play […]

NEW EPISODE: Lone Star Attitude This Weekend on Goodtaste

Join us this weekend for some of the best food and coolest drinks in the state–and one of my favorite restaurants in Texas, Anthonie’s Market Grill, We also visit the longest bar in Texas and the coolest Texas music spot that happens to be in Denton.

Goodtaste with Tanji – Season 4 Episode 2

Last year the Gulf Coast was devastated by Hurricane Harvey. In this week’s new episode of Goodtaste, we’re heading to Port Aransas to visit some of the coastal restaurants that were affected by the storm. These incredible humans were able to turn their pain into passion and you won’t want to miss their stories or […]

Tanji & Chef Steven McHugh

Inspiring Stories from Chefs We Love!

Get to know the incredible folks behind the menus at a few of our favorite eateries from around Texas on Goodtaste with Tanji this weekend! Set your DVR!

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