Fromage Fort
This classic French spread is a genius (and super simple) way to use leftover cheese. It all comes together in a snap in your food processor. When picking your cheese, use a mix of hard and soft varieties so you get a spreadable consistency – the amounts do not need to be exact. You can truly use any leftover bits you have in your fridge. If you need a little inspiration try brie, Swiss, blue cheese and goat cheese. Camambert, aged Gouda or cheddar would also be fantastic in here. The only thing to remember is to cut away and discard any hard rinds that you don’t want in your spread.
  1. Grate the hard cheeses and cut the soft ones into smaller pieces. You can cut off any rinds you don’t want to include.
  2. Put cheese, garlic and dry white wine in a food processor and blend until almost smooth. Spread on crackers or for a delish treat, spread on toast points and pop under a broiler until bubbly. Top with chives, parsley or your herb of choice.