Aldaco's Gourmet Breakfast Chile Relleno

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Aldaco's Gourmet Breakfast Chile Relleno

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This is a delicious dish! Just one of many great recipes from my friend Blanca Aldaco, whose beautiful restaurant "Aldaco's Stone Oak" sits atop the highest point in San Antonio. You and your family will love this.


Recipe Info


  1. You may roast, peel and devein the poblanos in advance.  For a nice and even roast, add Olive Oil to your finger tips and rub oil over poblano evenly. Place poblanos over a hot comal (skillet) or broiler until skin is charred. When charred, place peppers on a plate and top with a damp towel to allow peppers to “rest” for about 10 minutes. Remove the charred bubbles, hold pepper from the stem, cut one inch across and two inches long (as in a “T”), open gently and dive in and deseed.

Creme Poblana

  1. Heat oil in a sauce pan, over medium high heat, add garlic, Slivered onions until translucent, add heavy cream and Poblano puree (poblanos blended with milk and salt), let simmer until flavors blend.


  1. Place Poblano Pepper in your palm with slit facing you, Gently open, lay shredded Monterrey Jack cheese, scrambled egg mixture and jack Cheese once more. With both hands, firmly shape Poblano to it’s natural shape and place on baking sheet and cover with Crema Poblana. Garnish with Green onion or Fresh diced tomatoes.

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