Del Frisco's Grille's Banh Mi Burger

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Del Frisco's Grille's Banh Mi Burger

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Chef Jeff Taylor of Del Frisco's Grille has created a special burger that reflects Houston's love affair with Asian inspired ingredients. The Grille's Banh Mi Burger puts a fun spin on the traditional Vietnamese sandwich.


  • (1) Challah Burger bun
  • (2) 4oz prime burger patties
  • (2) Slices of pork belly 
  • (1) Slice of pepper jack cheese (Del Frisco's Grille uses a ghost pepper cheese for extra kick)
  • (2) Slices of cucumber
  • 2 oz Shredded red cabbage
  • 1 tb Cilantro leaves
  • 2 oz Housemade Korean BBQ Sauce

Recipe Info

Light the BBQ and let it get nice and hot. Season burger patty with salt and black pepper. Cook burger to desired temperature. While burger patty is cooking, sear the pork belly in a hot sauté pan with a little oil until nice and golden brown. To prepare the bun, add a little butter too both halves, and toast on the grill until golden brown. Add the cheese to the hot burger patties and let rest for a few minutes.

Plating the Burger:

Start by adding Korean BBQ sauce to the bun on both halves. Mix the cilantro with the red cabbage and place on bottom bun. Next lay down the burger patties on top of cabbage/cilantro mix. Then top with two slices of pork belly and cucumber strips.

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