Funky Door's Cheesy Fried Pickles

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Funky Door's Cheesy Fried Pickles

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A quick and easy appetizer from The Funky Door in Lubbock! This dish was inspired by owner Carrie Britton’s daughter’s pregnancy cravings! It uses just three simple ingredients!


  • 3 ea eggroll wraps
  • 6 slices  dill pickle (sliced lengthwise)
  • 6 oz dill havarti cheese (cut into 2 oz sticks)
  • Egg wash as needed
  • cornstarch as needed

Recipe Info

  1. Lay out eggroll wraps on a flat surface in a diamond shape and brush with egg wash along the edges.
  2. In center of wrap from corner to corner place one slice of pickle flat, then lay a 2 oz. stick of cheese on top of pickle, finish stack with another pickle.
  3. Fold left and right corners in on top of stack. Roll wrapper from bottom to top pressing firmly to make sure edges stick.
  4. Toss finished egg roll in cornstarch to cover. Fry in a 350 degree fryer for 5 mins.

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