Gaido's Crawfish Chili

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Gaido's Crawfish Chili

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To this day, the legendary Gaido's in Galveston continues to serve the Crawfish Chili I fell in love with as a child. It's incredible! Don't let the name fool's surprisingly sweet! And it comes topped with gooey goat cheese.


Recipe Info

  1. Heat Olive Oil in Pan. Sweat Green Onion and Garlic (NO COLOR, JUST SWEAT). Add chili flake until a paste-like consistency is formed. Add crawfish tails and W. wine. Reduce by 80%. Mount with butter. Add saffron and season. Place in Chili bowl and torch goat cheese for 3 seconds (no color, just slightly melted). Garnish with green onion tops and crostinis.

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