Masraff's Namaste Drink

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Masraff's Namaste Drink

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  • 2 oz Yerba Mate infused vodka
  • ½ oz dolin vermouth blanc
  • 1 oz sencha tea
  • ½ simple syrup
  • 1 oz butter schnapps

Recipe Info

Breathe's going to be a wonderful day! Masraff's wishes you nothing but good karma with their Namaste cocktail. In English, the Indian valediction serves as a greeting that also implies "to be well." I think it plays with the perfect combination of ingredients. The result is a sweet and soothing. You deserve it!

To watch the mixologist make the Namaste, watch the video.

Garnish with: tangerine zest, Rau Ram ( Vietnamese Coriander), dried chrysanthemum flower


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