Amazing, Delicious, Over the Top Turkeymales

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Amazing, Delicious, Over the Top Turkeymales

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Carol Pierce has been cooking and creating tamale recipes for over 27 years! Now she’s working on a cookbook of her own to share her personal passion, as well as show others how to keep their family traditions alive. You’ve got to try her “Turkeymales”…they are delicious!


Recipe Info

Tamale Filling:

  1. Combine the Turkey and Gravy; set aside. One tablespoon of Dressing spread on Masa, top with one tablespoon Turkey/Gravy, top with a teaspoon cranberry relish - all spread lengthwise. Roll, fold and steam for 2 hours. Add water to your steamer after the first hour to ensure it does not evaporate.

Tamale Chucks:

  1. Soak in hot water 2 hours before assembly / drain water and stand to drain extra water off before assembly.

Masa Harina:

Turkeymales Massa
In a kitchen-aid mixer (or a large bowl to be mixed with a hand mixer), place Masa. Add Turkey Broth, water and salt. Mix on slow and begin to add your choice of oil. Add oil*. Whip at least 10 minutes on high, till smooth and creamy. Spread Masa on tamale chuck.

*If you are a traditionalist and prefer to use lard, add 1 ½ lbs.

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