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A Recipe from Goodtaste.TV:
Los Tios Pechuga Rellena



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15 min




15 min



Los Tios Mexican Restaurant lets loose the recipe to a house special...their pechuga rellena. Stuffed chicken breast perfection!




Recipe Info

    Lay chicken breast down on cutting board sking side up. Place hand on top of breast and slice breast horizontally stopping just short of slicing in half. Open butterflied breast and covering with plastic wrap lightly pound breast to flatten with the flat side of a meat hammer. Season breast with salt and pepper. Place one ounce of spinach down on one side of the chicken breast first and then one ounce of Monterrey Jack cheese on top of spinach. Fold the other side over and securely tuck bottom half under to seal. Grill stuffed chicken breast for about 5 - 8 minutes in each side and served with Mexican rice and grilled vegetables. Served the chicken breast plain or topped with your favorite cream sauce.