Goodtaste with Tanji Showtimes

Join us for the tastiest season of Goodtaste yet! Check this link for updated show times for Goodtaste in your city! 

Lavender and New Wines in Bloom!

Can you smell the lavender in the air?! We’re so excited for the 20th annual Becker Vineyards Lavender Fest coming up on May 5 through 6!

Clementine’s White Mushroom Salad

Husband and wife duo John and Elise Russ created the White Mushroom Salad for their sensational family-owned restaurant featuring Southern and American cuisine. The recipe is the talk of San Antonio lately — one bite and you’ll understand why!

Patio Perfect Salads from Vinaigrette

Raise the salad bar at Vinaigrette in Austin! We love Vinaigrette’s perfect patio with a 500-year-old oak tree serenely shading guests on hot days, but mostly for its garden salads that pack so many fresh ingredients and velvety dressings.

State of Grace’s ‘The Yearling’ Cocktail

This cocktail uses rhubarb liqueur, which infuses perfectly with your choice of Bourbon and fresh muddled strawberry. Our friends at State of Grace in Houston created this cocktail.

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