Alaskan Winter Ale

Alaskan Winter Ale

All the hail the ale of winter! I’ve previewed the Alaskan Brewing Company before on my site. This award-winning craft brewery seems to do no wrong. I’ve liked everything I’ve tried from them (especially their Amber Ale), and this frosty, seasonal Alaskan Winter is no different! It’s brewed in the style of an English Old Ale, but made to keep you feeling nice and warm during the cold winter months. A central ingredient is its spruce tips, which I’ve learned have a rich history in Southeast Alaska.

Alaskan Winter AleTry pairing this Winter Ale with a variety of meats, from holiday hams to roast goose or lamb. This also can double as a dessert beer for any holiday breads, or apple pie. I’ve decided what I like most about the Winter Ale is its crisp, clean aftertaste. You won’t feel too bogged down by this beer — and that’s a good thing!

More videos, trivia tidbits, and information about this beer, as well as more about the Alaskan brand can be found at their website:

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