A Glass & Chat with NY Times Wine Critic Eric Asimov

I get most of my news and information online. But, Sunday mornings are different. Those are reserved for quiet time spent with a cup of coffee and the hard copy of the New York Times. The NYT is a trendsetter in the world of news, whether you agree with their point of view or not, the stories there set the tone for many of the major news organizations for the week. If you see it in the Times on Sunday, chances are the major TV networks will do a variation of the story that week.

It was through my love affair with the dining and travel section of the Times that I came to be familiar with the work of their wine critic, Eric Asimov. I quickly added his Wednesday column to my online news consumption line-up.


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Eric to interview him for Goodtaste.tv. The interview is at the top of your screen. Eric’s knowledge of wine is immense. His passion contagious. No doubt, he could hold court with a room full of sommeliers, but his writing style is refreshingly approachable and informative for wine lovers at any level.


In our interview, Eric discusses the wines he’s enjoying now, the trend of high alcohol wines and much more, including the significance of wine ratings. He also gave me his three wine picks for under $30 – you can also see his comments on each of those wines in the video below.  BTW, I was able to buy all three of the wines Eric recommended at The Austin Wine Merchant.  And, a big thank you to the fabulous folks at the beautiful Lake Austin Spa for sharing their ‘set’ with us.

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