Cool New Cocktails for June

Even though it’s not summer quite yet, the weather lately would have us believe otherwise! We’re already reaching for those cool, fruity cocktails reserved for porch drinking and pool sipping!

I always keep a bottle of Licor 43 (above) around, a fruity and botanical liqueur that’s delicious year-round. It comes from Spain and it’s one of my favorite mixers. For one easy and delicious cocktail, pour a shot of Licor 43 into a glass with ice then fill with Ginger Ale. Top with a squeeze of lime! You can add Licor 43 to coffee or drink it by itself over ice.

H-E-B is carrying something I really love lately for parties: the Ice Box Long Island Iced Tea. It’s pre-mixed, so you can either drink it by itself or add a little bit of lemonade. I especially love adding the RAYS Lemon spirit, an awesome little treat for just $13 a bottle.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with an amazing summer wine to cool off. View my wine finds from H-E-B below!

My Wine Finds

Olema Côtes de Provence Rosé
Riondo Rosé Sparkling Wine

Special thanks to my friends at We Are Austin on KEYE CBS Austin for all the fun! Watch the full segment here.

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