5 Comfort Foods to Cure Your Winter Blues

Gray winter days starting to get you down? Soothe your winter sorrows with one of these belly-warming comfort foods. From a super-creamy mac-and-cheese to an all-in-one casserole that is perfect for a cold winter night, each of these recipes will warm you from the inside out. Now, get cooking — spring will be here before you know it.

Mac-and-Cheese with Panko-Parmesan Topping

Check out this insanely decadent mac-and-cheese from the blog Mom Time-Out. The key to good homemade mac-and-cheese is mixing up your cheeses. You want something sharp and flavorful liked aged cheddar or Gruyere, and then a creamier and extra-melty cheese like American or mozzarella.


Pizza and a quesadilla come together to form one epic snack in this recipe from Food & Wine Magazine. Layers of spicy pepper jack cheese, jarred marinara and smoky chorizo are sandwiched between flour tortillas for an over-the-top comfort food that comes together in under 25 minutes.

Fast Chicken Pot Pie

Thanks to a handful of ready-to-go ingredients, you can pull off this pot pie from Bon Appétit Magazine without breaking a sweat. Did we mention that you don’t even have to make the crust? A sheet of thawed frozen puff pastry is all it takes. The key is to let the frozen sheet of puff pastry sit ,in the fridge overnight so it is ice-cold, but not frozen. You want all of that butter to stay cold so when it melts it releases steam, thus puffing up your pastry.

Favorite Spaghetti and Meatballs

This classic spaghetti and meatball recipe from Martha Stewart has an unexpected twist: mushrooms. For added nutrition and bulk, the beef meatballs are mixed with some finely chopped cremini mushrooms. The added moisture keeps the inside of the meatballs tender and juicy, while the outsides are browned and crispy thanks to a few minutes under the broiler.

Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Think of this beyond-easy dinner from Delish as an “enchilada lasagna.” Corn tortillas take the place of the cooked noodles and then vegetables, shredded chicken, enchilada sauce and a generous amount of cheese make up the filling. It’s spicy, satisfying and so easy to make. Bonus: You can assemble the casserole in the morning and then pop it in the oven to bake when you get home.

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