Make The Most of Your Farmer’s Market!

Texas gets a lot of credit for its cowboy cookin’– like BBQ and brisket– but this beautiful state boasts a bounty of fresh vegetables! Our friends at the Texas Department of Agriculture write, “Texas cuisine is as varied as its land and reflective of the diverse cultures that settled in the Lone Star State,” and we couldn’t couldn’t agree more with that statement! Dig in to your local farmer’s market for Texas’ most treasured cuisine with these tips for your next trip!

Find A Farmer’s Market Near You

You’ve probably heard or even experienced one of the larger farmer’s markets– like the Pearl Brewery Farmer’s Market in San Antonio or the Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market in Houston, which was named one of the Top 50 in the nation by Cooking Light — but there may be one right in your neighborhood! The Texas Department of Agriculture has every Certified Farmer’s Market in 75 cities their website, from Alice to Winnsboro! You can view it here.

Freshen Up On What’s Fresh

So when’s good to gather grapefruits — or plan a peach cobbler for the gang? When are beets back again?! With so many delicious choices, it’s hard to keep track of what’s available and what will taste the best during different times of the year. Rest assured, you can rely on the Texas Department of Agriculture for keeping you up-to-date on what’s available year-round. Download this chart or view it here and post it to your refrigerator!

Give Love to Local Farmers and Texas Food Producers

Anyone who’s ever bought local honey knows some of the sweetest things you can buy at a farmer’s market, come in jars! So do salsas, pestos, hummus, hot sauce, even granola! Texas food producers are making their mark not only at the market, but likely your local H-E-B! So how do you know if it’s truly Texan? You can look for the “Go Texan” logo on the packaging, or look the product up at the Texas Department of Agriculture Product Search. Click or tap here to search!

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