Champagne for the love of February

Much obliged to Masraff’s: They’re popping the cork for you on Valentine’s Day with some fabulous recommendations on bubbly, but more importantly, some little known secrets about champagne that make a whole lot of difference! According to house sommelier Ben Roberts, all wine tasters look for a sense of the “place” that a particular wine is from…the terroir that creates the nuances in a wine’s taste. Some of the world’s most expensive champagnes are actually blended from many different vineyards to come up with a ‘house style.’

Watch the video to see how you can tell the difference between a ‘house style’ (or blended champagne) versus one that comes from a smaller, independent grower…this is the really good stuff. I’ll give you a hint though: the proof is in the proofing number – I’ve said too much already!

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