¡Viva Tequila! Cuisine & Cocktails with Lucinda Hutson

tanji-patton-lucinda-hutsonIt’s known as THE definitive work on tequila. ¡Viva Tequila!: Cocktails, Cooking, and Other Agave Adventures by cookbook and cantina author, Lucinda Hutson, is a wonderful book with countless, insightful travel tales and incredible recipes — all based around what else? Tequila!

Lucinda herself is a native of El Paso, and quickly took to Mexican culture growing up. As an adult, she used her Spanish-speaking skills, as well as her passion for this particular distilled beverage and began traveling alone throughout Mexico, observing, capturing and creating! There are so many beautiful lifestyle images…I can’t recommend it enough! And the recipes…


We’re not just talking cocktails, but food too! How’s this for a terrific starter: Lucinda’s Queso Flameado, or melted cheese flambéed in tequila! It’s chile con queso kicked up — and just the thing for your next backyard fiesta with friends. Colorful, flavorful fun doesn’t get much better than this!

lucinda-hutson-sangritaAnother traditional recipe Lucinda is particularly proud of is so simple to make: her Sangrita La Lucinda. Sip and savor after a night left to chill in the refrigerator…that’s when it’s at its best! We used Salsa 
Valentina (not tomatoes, a common misconception) to give it its reddish tinge. You can find a bottle at H-E-B.

Prepare to line those shot glasses up… Lucinda insists this and tequila go hand-in-hand. And she’s right! Watch us sample her sangrita and swop stories in the video!

There are a couple ways to purchase Lucinda’s book. Consider your newfound ‘Tequila Bible’ a lifelong investment. 😉



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