Cuisine & Quiet Time in Quebec!

Tanji and Mike Patton

Recently, Mike and I took a break from the Texas heat and headed north to a much cooler climate in Quebec City — eating all kinds of delicious food along the way! I thought I’d share a few of the sights and sounds, or should I say tastes!

Quebec City

We stayed at a charming hotel in the ‘old town’ called Auberge Saint Antoine. I asked the chef there to share his crispy pork belly recipe from Chez Muffy…it’s for the adventurous home chef who just happens to love pork belly:

Chez Muffy Pork Belly

We loved lunch at Lapin Sauté so much that we ate their twice, even tried their local rosé wine, l’Orpailleur Rosé [] [below], which was surprisingly nice!

l'Orpailleur Rosé

The rabbit poutine was my favorite dish. Poutines are very popular in this region, as is rabbit (photos 1 & 3 below). I’ve mixed in some shots of the other colorful courses we enjoyed with our meal — which was really more like a mini show!

rabbit poutine

If you’re in to fine dining, don’t miss Laurie Raphael—exquisite experience all around!

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