Zinc and Boudro’s Tequila Cured Salmon

The Tequila Cured Salmon has been on the menu for over 10 years at San Antonio’s Riverwalk famous restaurants, Zinc and Boudro’s. It’s a staple item that keeps guest and locals coming time and time again. With the help of Danny Ybarra, Executive Chef of Zinc and Boudro’s, now you can make this easy and delicious dish at home. There are so many things you can make with it that’ll be perfect for parties and the holiday season!


The first step of your curing process is layer your beautiful filet of salmon with kosher salt. On top of that, add an even layer of dark brown sugar; the molasses in it adds a nice sweetness. Next, for some fun aromatics and flavor, sprinkle and press in chopped dill and cilantro and wrap it all up in a cheesecloth. You’ll toss your precious parcel in your refrigerator for 48 hours, flipping it halfway through curing the other side.

After your salmon is done curing, wipe away your salt, sugar and herb mixture and then you’re going to give it a little tequila bath. Wash off your fish with your tequila of choice adding a great contrasting flavor to the sweetness and herbs. And now you’re done and it’s ready to serve! Pro tip for slicing: your first slice off the ends will be pretty salty so you’ll want to discard those pieces.

One of my favorite things to make are the Poblano Crostinis, they are great for entertaining or a light snack for around the house. Whenever I go into Zinc for lunch I always order the Texas Chopped Salmon Salad. It’s a great light lunch and now you can easily make it at home!

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