Andes Café is Authentic as They Come!

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A rich, colorful history, along with award-winning dishes, await you at Andes Café! Located in Houston’s burgeoning East End, this superb South American kitchen from Chef David Guerrero slings specialty street foods and home cooked meals made popular in his native country of Ecuador–and beyond!

Andes Café, as you might have guessed, is named after the Andes Mountains, which unite Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. The restaurant is a homage to this natural wonder and the unity of distinct cultures it represents. Here’s an interesting tidbit: the entire team at Andes is comprised of ONLY South American natives. When we say the food is authentic, we mean it!

Begin your culinary road trip with a dish near and dear to Chef Guerrero’s heart…Salchipapas. This typical South American snack/street food is simple yet flavorful. It’s essentially French fries plus a hot dog, piled in a bowl and topped with ketchup, homemade mayonnaise, mustard, and other exquisite sauces. Oh, and a fried egg. 🙂

More must-do menu items (in addition to their countries of origin) are shown below. Buen Provecho!


Choclo Asado con Queso | Ecuador

Charcoal grilled white corn topped with “mapahuira” (roasted pork pieces), cilantro avocado cream sauce, and queso fresco.

Andes Choclo Asado


La Colombiana | Colombia

A trio of homemade Colombian sausage, beef empanada and “arepita” corn patty. Served with “aji criollo” creole sauce.

Andes La Colombiana


Anticuchos | Peru

Choice of grilled beef heart or chicken kabob’s, served with a side of “choclo” South American kernel corn, boiled potatoes, and “crema de Huacatay“ (Peruvian black peppermint aji sauce).

Andes Anticuchos


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Andes Cafe

Andes Cafe

2311 Canal St #104, Houston, TX 77003

Get Directions | Website | (832) 659-0063

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