Pavil's Strawberry Shortcake


Angel Food Cake

  • 16 oz Egg whites
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 10 oz 1st part sugar
  • 2 tsp Vanilla
  • 1/2 tsp Almond extract
  • 8 oz sugar
  • 6 oz Cake flour

Vanilla Sauce

  • 4 Egg yolks
  • ½ cup Sugar
  • 6.5 oz milk
  • 6 oz heavy cream
  • ½ Vanilla bean
  • ½ each Jalapeno
  • 10 large Mint leaves

Macerated Strawberries

  • 3 tbsp Water
  • 2 pints Fresh strawberries
  • ½ cup Sugar

Candied of Jalapeno

  • 2 cups Water
  • 2 cups Sugar
  • 2 each Jalapeno
  • 1 cup Sugar

This Strawberry Shortcake is from Pavil – and it is a delicious summertime dessert! I tasted it and begged Chef Scott Cohen for the recipe. He’s the best, as you’ll see!

Preparing the angel food cake

In electric mixer whip egg whites with salt until soft peak, stream in 1st part sugar whip until you reach stiff glossy peaks, add vanilla and almond extract, whip until incorporated. Turn off machine and fold in 2nd part sugar. In small soufflé molds(6oz mold) lightly butter and sugar it and poor in batter bake in preheated 375degree convection oven for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown on top, remove from oven let cool and then remove from mold and reserve.

Preparing the vanilla sauce

In sauce pot add milk ,cream and half the amount of sugar, add mint and jalapeño ,vanilla, steep with the milk and cream, bring to boil, whip by hand other half of sugar and egg yolks in mixing bowl, as soon as milk comes to a boil turn off pour 1/3 of the milk into the mixing boil and hand whip quickly and add back into sauce pot  while turning back onto medium high heat quickly mix the 2 mixtures together, the mixture will lightly thicken remove strain through fine sieve or chinoise  into a Stainless Steel container or a container to cool in ,place immediately on iced water bath cool reserve.

Preparing the berries

Quarter the strawberries .Take 1 pint of strawberries and add half the sugar and 1 tbsp. water reserve 1 hour. Place in sauce pot the other pint of strawberries and half sugar and 2 tbsp water bring to boil simmer until berries are fully cooked and start to lightly thicken remove puree in blender. And cool, mix puree with macerated berries, reserve a few strawberries for garnish .Reserve.

Preparation method for candied jalapeño

Put sugar ,water in sauce pot bring to boil, Julienne the jalapeno and put in pot reduce heat ,reduce the syrup until it becomes sticky remove from heat strain remaining juice out discard juice and toss jalapeno in the 1 cup of sugar, place on cookie sheet and let dry ,reserve.

Putting it all together

In a china bowl place a pool of vanilla sauce in middle, add cake on top, Spoon berry mixture over top, garnish 3 pieces candied jalapeno and some fresh strawberries for Garnish.

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Pavil's Strawberry Shortcake
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