HeartBrand Akaushi is on the Menu at Del Dotto Vineyards

One of the most stunning vineyards in all of Napa is also making some of the Valley’s highest rated and most sought-after wines from around the world. Now this family-owned operation is serving a one-of-a-kind beef when you attend one of their grand wine pairings. HeartBrand Akaushi is prepared and plated at Del Dotto Vineyards!

Best served with your choice of over 120 different Cabernets from Del Dotto, the vineyard’s promising executive chef, Joshua Schwartz (The French Laundry), claims it’s all about balance. The flavor and texture Akaushi, balanced in fat to muscle ratio, works symbiotically together with Del Dotto cabs for a beautiful blending that’s evident down to the last bite.

Here’s a look at Chef Schwartz’s Potato Raviolo, plated on swiss chard with freshly picked cherry tomatoes, and garnished with bone marrow and red wine vinaigrette. On this dish, the roasted akaushi sirloin is layered in…the gift that keeps on giving!

Akaushi Dish at Del Dotto

Growing up in NY proved conveniently beneficial to Chef Schwartz, when deciding how to tackle this beef tongue. Inspired by pastrami sandwiches with dear old dad and his grandfather back east as a kid, he took the Akaushi beef tongue in a pastrami brine and recreated a “bite-size” Reuben to go especially well with your glass of red:

Del Dotto Beef Tongue

The difference is crystal clear in Akaushi. There’s a great quality and flavor to the meat, with additional marbling and unique fatty composition…say when compared to a prime cut. This just means you can have your steak and be eating healthy at the same time. We’re in!

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Del Dotto Vineyards

1055 Atlas Peak Rd, Napa, CA 94558

Get Directions | Website | (707) 963-2134

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