The First Flavors of Fall!

Delicious Wagyu Tartare

The Texas food scene is about to get a whole lot cooler! Seasonal ingredients are top of mind in a gourmet meal we’ve arranged for you and someone special. Settle in at home for three courses that focus on all things fall, from a Texan beef tartare to pumpkin cheesecake, compliments of one of my favorite bakeries anywhere! Plus, a sleek, slender, and frankly, mysterious cocktail known simply as “Auburn Evening.” You in? ūüėČ

Start with…

This terrific¬†Wagyu Tartare¬†[above] made with pickle, shallot, parsley, plus several key sauces (Worcestershire, hot sauce) and condiments (beer mustard), in addition to the yolk from a quail egg. ‘Tis the season! Serve on oven baked baguette slices we’ll show you how to prep like a pro.

Onto Our Entr√©e…

Potente's Diver Scallops with Crushed Corn Risotto & Shellfish Brodo

Diver Scallops presented on a bed of creamy crushed corn risotto in a rich and satisfying shellfish broth, garnished with fresh herbs! These coastal crowd-pleasers come by way of Executive Chef Danny Trace with the all-new Potente, powerful Italian fine dining in downtown Houston.

Drumroll Please…

Pumpkin Cheesecake

DESSERT! Goodtaste snagged the recipe to a¬†Pumpkin Cheesecake from one of my very favorite bakeries in Houston —¬†Petite Sweets. Baked on a scrumptious ginger spice cookie crust.

Your Digestif…

Paramour's Auburn Evening cocktail

Sip and savor! Sunburnt skies abound during autumn. Cheers to the inspiration behind our cognac-based Auburn Evening, courtesy of the cocktail craftsman at the swanky Paramour rooftop bar in San Antonio.

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