Big Red Or Red Wine With Barbacoa? You Decide on SA Living

When it comes to barbacoa, what pairs better: red wine or Big Red? It’s a tie as far as we’re concerned! You can taste “Big Red and Barbacoa Everyday” in San Antonio at Tommy’s Restaurant in San Antonio.

The family-owned restaurant has six locations all over San Antonio, serving up delicious barbacoa, carne guisada, homemade tortillas, even a traditional breakfast!

Here’s a few of my wine suggestions with barbacoa — even a white pairing! The riesling fruit notes complement the spicy Mexican food perfectly!


H-E-B Wines:

— Brown Vineyards Advocate

— Skyfall Riesling or Chardonnay

— Hahn S L H Pinot Noir

— Silk Oak Zinfandel



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