Tiny Tastes of Houston Life!


Goodtaste stopped by the all-new Houston Life show on KPRC with tiny sweets (and sips) in tow for celebrating! Tempting treats from Petite Sweets, plus dessert wines that pair beautifully from my friends at H-E-B. Also from H-E-B, some awesome mini desserts that are just perfect for any occasion. These pictured below caught my eye at the San Felipe H-E-B!!


[Watch the entire segment now on KPRC’s website!]

For something toothsome, sugary and sweet, Petite Sweets is one of my go-to’s. Their confections, from cookies to cake pops, are precious! Find a fabulous selection of “tiny bites” 7 days a week at their shop off W. Alabama.



Generally, a rule of thumb is that you want your dessert wine to be as sweet or sweeter than the dessert you’re enjoying with it. Think in terms of color: the lighter the dessert, the lighter the wine. The same philosophy applies to darker, heavier desserts too. Look to darker, full-bodied wines to compliment.



Featured in this segment & found at H-E-B!


  • Höpler Trockenbeerenauslese 2008
  • Pacific Rim Vin de Glacière 2012
  • Prima Mazzo Moscato D’Asti
  • Yellow Tail Red Moscato
  • Dry Comal Creek Port
  • Barolo Chinato

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