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Pedernales Chili

Rodeo season is rolling along in Texas! While San Antonio’s is a wrap, Houston and Austin are just warming up! Utensils are optional for most all of our “ranch style” appeteasers guaranteed to fuel you for the festivities. 😉

That piping hot Pedernales Chili [above] comes courtesy of Searsucker in ATX. It’s slow cooked and served the southern way in a cast iron skillet with a cold brew close by. Click on ANY of the following and find the recipe in full!

Plus, handcrafted cocktails worthy of the Rodeo Hall of Fame…


Pimento Queso

smoked cheddar : chipotle : bacon : chips

Searsucker Pimento Queso


Dill Pickle Dip

diced dill pickles : cream cheese : sour cream : black pepper : fresh dill

State Fare's Dill Pickle Dip


Deviled Eggs

topped with candied bacon jam!

Southerleigh's Deviled Eggs


Smoked Bacon Quesadillas

cherrywood bacon : queso asadero cheese : poblano chile : gala apple salsa

Cherrywood Smoked Bacon Quesadillas


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