4 Tips For Your Next Trip to the Sushi Bar!

Image Credit: Kody Melton for Sukeban San Antonio

Sushi lovers — standby! On this weekend’s episode of Goodtaste, we’re taking you to one of Houston’s hot spots for stunning sushi and delicious Japanese tapas, Kata Robata! Sushi is an excellent choice for those heart healthy Omega-3 acids, but with so many choices — how do you know what’s still considered “light and healthy”?

Our friends at Sukeban in San Antonio have a few “healthy hacks” for you before you head out for your next sushi fix! Watch this weekend on Goodtaste to go behind-the-scenes with James Beard award-winning Chef Manibu Horiuchi– Get showtimes here!


Keep Your Sushi Picks Simple

“Sushi is simple,” says Chef Horiuchi, when asked why it’s his favorite thing on Kata Robata’s menu. It’s also a good thing to remember when you’re ordering! According to Sukeban owner Gerry Shirley, to reap the ultimate health benefits, “Be a sushi purist.” Select a sashimi or nagiri, which are often high in protein and low calorie.

Happy Belly = Happy & Healthy Heart

Image Credit: Kody Melton for Sukeban San Antonio

Salmon and tuna are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which as the American Heart Association reports could aid in reducing your risk of heart disease. It recommends eating fish (particularly fatty fish) at least two times (two servings) a week. For more information on this, visit the American Heart Association website here.

Avoid The Words “Crunch” and “Mayo”

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but remember that a little extra mayo adds extra calories! Shirley says “crunch” is means anything tempura based with fried batter. But if you need the crunch, go for something with cucumber or asparagus.

Taste The Rainbow .. Roll!

Botika sushi

Go for the Rainbow Roll if you still want that specialty roll! It’s a higher calorie roll, but typically contains fish both inside and outside of the roll, for extra protein! Bonus, it’s a real eye-popping plate! As always, if you can’t decide, ask your favorite sushi hangout for their daily selections! Our friends at Botika at the Historic Pearl in San Antonio [watch them in action in Episode 2 of Season 3 here!] offer new chef rolls [above] that change daily — and they’re always delicious!

Watch Kata Robata this weekend on Goodtaste! More details here!


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