A Succulent New Spin on Winter Cooking

We’ll boil it down for you (wait for it…): Sous vide cooking doesn’t have to be scary! You can make succulent and juicy meats right at home with a little bit of patience and extra cooking time.

Sous vide, or “under vacuum” in French, means the food is vacuum-sealed in a plastic pouch and then placed in a water bath at a regulated temperature. The result is a fantastically tender meat that retains moisture on the inside and isn’t overcooked on the outside.

For a tasty new spin on your winter menus, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite new recipes trying out the method!

Our friends at Harold’s Restaurant in Houston shared the recipe for their crispy duck parts appetizer [above] using sous vide cooking method. Get the recipe here!

Give your holiday guests a bit of New Orleans flavor with this Andouille Pâté from our friends at DTB Nola. Pâté sounds harder to make than it really is, but sous vide style cooking makes this recipe a cinch! Pair it with toasted artisan bread and a few pickled vegetables of your choice! Get the recipe here.

This stunning shrimp dish from Executive Chef Don Carr at the Sysco Central Texas kitchen pairs large Gulf shrimp with sherry and jalapeño grits! Chef Carr gives boils down sous vide cooking and shows you how to make this delectable dish at home. Watch the video here or below!

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