3 Can’t-Miss Moments from this Weekend’s NEW Episode

A Hollywood darling, a game of darts and Chicken Parmesan are all coming up this weekend on Goodtaste with Tanji. First, we head to Hutto to visit The Texan Cafe & Pie Shop, one of Texas Monthly’s “Best Small Town Cafes.” There, we try some of the most talked-about pies in the state and golden brown Fried Green Tomatoes. Then, we make our way to Austin for imaginative Thai food at the super-popular Sway. Last but not least, we visit Kenny’s East Coast Pizza in Plano and chow down on some epic red sauce Italian mash-ups. To tease your palate a little more, here are 3 must-not-miss moments in this week’s new episode of Goodtaste with Tanji Season 4.

1. Set for Fame

Hutto has a charming, small-town vibe that attracts locals, visitors and even Hollywood. In 2013, The Texan Cafe & Pie Shop was the setting for the television series “From Dusk Till Dawn,” based on Quentin Tarantino’s 1996 vampire thriller. The cafe was temporarily named “Cowpoke Café” and its owners were gifted the restaurant sign after filming. It still hangs inside the café today.

2. Leaving It Up to the Universe

Charles Schlienger, executive chef of Sway, sought his newest culinary adventure by throwing a dart at a map. Born and raised in Florida, he grew up with Asian, French and Italian influences from the local food around him. After opening restaurants in Las Vegas and the Bahamas, Charles set his sights on somewhere new: San Antonio. There, he learned about barbecue from Tim Rattray at The Granary. You will now see those techniques incorporated at Sway, such as the Jungle Curry that’s topped with slices of Texas Wagyu beef brisket.

3. Food Obsessions

Kenny Bower’s passion for food started when he was just a kid. At 8 years old, he convinced his mom to teach him how to make his favorite dish, Chicken Parmesan. This passion (or obsession, as he calls it) led to a career in food and his dream restaurant: Kenny’s East Coast Pizza. Before opening its doors, Kenny tested the recipes over and over until they were just right. He gained 30 pounds just trying to perfect the pizza crust! Plus, the Midnight Meatballs got their name because he stayed up until midnight night after night trying to achieve that ideal texture, size and flavor. Can you imagine eating meatballs every day for four months? Sounds pretty awesome to us.


Tune in this weekend for delicious food and MORE during the ALL NEW episode of Goodtaste with Tanji.

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