Local Lamb from the Lone Star State


If meat is on the menu in 2016, you really can’t lose with lamb. Fact is, a number of top eateries from around Texas are already experimenting¬†with this trendy protein. A staple of the Mediterranean diet (which limits red meat consumption), locally-sourced lamb products are a lean, heart-healthy option for meals with virtually no carbs whatsoever!

Love thy lamb…

When shopping for that perfect cut, look for those with a firm, fine texture and a pinkish center. Organic, 100% grass-fed lamb is the gold standard, which contains a lower overall fat content, yet still delivers that moist and tender tasting experience we’re after.

Interesting to note, traditional Chinese medicine makes mention of lamb as a warming agent to the body, aiding with blood circulation…who knows! Maybe that’s why it’s such a popular winter-spring delicacy. ūüėČ


Try at Home:


Texas Lamb Duo

A tantalizing Hill Country combo of Rosemary Grilled Lamb Chops and Malbec Braised Lamb Shoulder from Executive Chef Ross Burtwell of the Cabernet Grill Рpart of Cotton Gin Village in Fredericksburg, TX. Plated with a bleu cheese/white bean ragout.


Photograph by Jennifer Whitney / Texas Hill Country Cuisine


Lamb Ham

This ‘Lamb Ham’ from Chef Peter Maffei of Finn & Porter¬†at the Hilton Austin is deboned, rolled and tied much like you would a roasted ham. The outer crust is coated with a mixture of ground fennel, coriander and chili flake…



Colorado Rack of Lamb

Pan seared Colorado Lamb Rack from Executive Chef Eduardo Guizar at *17, the on-site restaurant at The Sam Houston Hotel in Houston, TX. Chef plated his finished product with baked sweet potatoes & seasoned asparagus in a beautiful Muscat grape demi glaze!



Braised Lamb Shanks

Cook this range-fed lamb from Boudro’s Texas Bistro¬†‘low and slow’ in the oven. It’s plated here with a buttery Pappardelle Pasta cooked al dente and seasoned with fresh herbs:



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