Catch These Iconic Copycat Recipes!


Imagine being able to enjoy those devilishly delicious Girl Scout Thin Mints year-round. Or biting into a chewy Snickers that’s homemade! Former Head Nutritionist at H-E-B (and my go-to gal), Rosie Benner, was able to send me spot-on imitations to some of the most beloved products on the market today. I’ve already mentioned Thin Mints and the Copycat Snickers Bars [shown above]. How about near identical recipes to Red Lobster Cheese Biscuits or Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino? American classics that you can now recreate at home!

copycat_thin_mint_cookies thin-mints

Girl Scout Copycat: Crisp Chocolate Mint Cookies

red-lobster-logo copycat_cheese_biscuits

Red Lobster Copycat: Fluffy & Crisp Cheese Biscuits



Starbucks Copycat: Mocha Almond Espresso Frappuccino

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