Top-Rated Uchi Houston Shares Insights & Tastes


It’s not often you see a Zagat rating of 29 for ‘Food’ on a listed restaurant’s rating. But, that’s what you’ll see when you look-up Uchi Houston’s review. And that’s not all. A quick Google of ‘Uchi’ and you’ll find nothing short of 4.5 stars from numerous food critics, catapulting it to the forefront of our nation’s culinary map. Is it really that good? Yes, it’s that good!


We had a rare opportunity recently at Uchi Houston. Our cameras sat in on a weekly menu tasting as Uchi’s team of chefs each presented their ‘wannabee’ new menu items to a distinguished group of tasters led by Uchi’s award winning culinary director Philip Speer. It’s a detailed process to say the least!

Sixtee dishes passed on the day we were there, and will find their way on Uchi’s bold — yet accessible — menu. Check out the beautiful presentations right here on

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