Swoon for Sway’s Tempting Thai Food in Austin

We know of a ‘hot spot’ that’s cranking up the heat on traditional Thai food — Sway in Austin! You’ll swoon for Sway’s seriously tasty Thai food that has a familiar Texas twist — the chef took his cues from learning Texas barbecue! It’s one of the hottest restaurants in Austin, thanks to mainstay menu items like the Tiger Cry with char-grilled hanger steak and red chili nahm jim sauce,  as well as their ‘crush-worthy’ curries. Cool off the spice with one of Sway’s refreshing homemade “Drinking Vinegars” made with fresh fruit and herbs — get the recipe to make one yourself below. Watch above to hear how a game of darts brought the chef to Texas.


Sway’s Kraduk Mu Pork Rib

Sway’s Drinking Vinegars



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