West Coast Wine Finds

It’s time for my wine finds! This week, we’re headed to the West Coast for three wines from three amazing producers. As always, you can find these bottles at your local H-E-B.

First up is a fantastic cabernet in Sonoma from a very well known and respected wine producer family who created the famous B.R. Cohn Winery. The Bellacosa Cabernet tastes of luscious plums and raspberries and finishes with a hint of vanilla from being aged in oak barrels. $23

Next, from a long time favorite winery – this is the Etesian Chardonnay made by the folks at Gloria Ferrer in Sonoma. This has your classic chardonnay flavors or pears, green apple and some fun tropical notes as well. $16

Last and never least – the Underwood Pinot Gris from Oregon. Pinot gris and pinot grigio are the same grape but taste slightly different depending on what they’re grown in. Pinot grigios are wonderful salad and porch wines and Underwood is a consistently good producer. $13

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