3 Can’t-Miss Moments in this Weekend’s NEW Episode

This weekend on Goodtaste with Tanji, we drive to the country to taste Southern comfort foods like creamy shrimp and grits, take a step back in time to an intimate speakeasy and jam out with burgers named after some of Texas’ great musicians. To tease your palate a little more, here are 3 things not to miss in this week’s brand new episode of Goodtaste with Tanji Season 4.

1. Wild, Wild West

As a young boy living in Holland, Anthonie Dekker was inspired by the American dream. Dekker, the owner of Anthonie’s Market Grill, was especially fascinated with the notion of cowboys and the West. It was this sense of “rugged individualism” that brought him to Texas. At 25 he moved to America because, in his words, “It’s the promise land – the land of milk and honey.” Today, Dekker shows off his Texas pride at Anthonie’s Market Grill through his superb Southern comfort food.

2. Prohibition Party

The Esquire Tavern is rich in history and is a must-visit destination for any cocktail enthusiast. The James Beard Award-nominated bar opened its doors on December 5th, 1933. That’s right, the exact same day that prohibition ended. Can you imagine the celebration they must’ve thrown? In addition to being long on history, the tavern still has its original red leather booths from the 1930’s and the longest wooden bar in Texas (all 110 feet of it).

3. Committed to the Community

Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/lsaburger/

LSA Burger Co., or Lone Star Attitude, is a big supporter of its Texas community. The restaurant, whose name comes from a song by local singer-songwriter Jon Christopher Davis, aims to book mostly local musicians. The walls of the space are covered in murals painted by Texas artists and are repainted once a year to showcase all the talent in the area. LSA even shows its sense of community on the menu: The biggest burger is the “Spirit of a Hero”, which honors wounded veterans and donates a portion of the proceeds to the Spirit of a Hero Foundation.

Tune in this weekend for delicious food and MORE during the ALL NEW episode of Goodtaste with Tanji.


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Sande Clark says: October 13, 2018 at 6:00 am

Dear Ms. T,
I have dear friends in tennessee. I send them something every year for xmas and bday. I usually do omaha steaks for xmas and texas fruitcake. I would love to send something that had a sampling of true texas and something memorable. Its hard to find something nice and shipping friendly as too We all are retired so budget friendly is a challenge. Do you have any ideas?


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