3 Can’t-Miss Moments in this Weekend’s NEW Episode

This weekend on Goodtaste with Tanji, we visit an authentic Italian restaurant housed in a historic hotel that has broken world records. We meet the owner of a brunch spot who had a previous career in pyrotechnics. Then, we make our way to a tried-and-true Texas steakhouse for super-local ingredients. To tease your palate a little more, here are 3 things not to miss in this week’s new episode of Goodtaste with Tanji Season 4.

1. Making Moves

Photo Credit: SA Conservation Society

The Fairmont Hotel, originally built in 1906 and the present day home of Nonna Osteria, happily resides across the street from Hemisfair Park – but it wasn’t always there. In 1985, developers building the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel and Rivercenter mall sought to get rid of the abandoned Fairmount, but many San Antonionians saw its historical value. It took six days for the Fairmount to make it half a mile across downtown from the corner of Bowie and Commerce to Alamo and Nueva. The hotel is now in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest building moved on wheels.

2. A Fiery Past

As a child, Joe Groves dreamt of eating pancakes anytime, day or night. Thus, Ellen’s was born. Before firing up kitchen burners, he had a career in pyrotechnics. He lit up stages for some of the biggest bands in the business like Britney Spears and Black Sabbath. Though he loved his exciting, action-packed dream job, the dream of owning a restaurant loomed in the back of his mind. 30 years later he linked up with his co-owner and Executive Chef Russell Mertz to open a restaurant where he could fulfill his childhood dream.

3. Better Bee-lieve It

Robard’s Steakhouse is known for sourcing all things local. One of the most unique ingredients they source is their honey from their own personal beehive housed onsite. It takes over 55,000 bees from two hives to make the honey for Robard’s. In about nine months they get six gallons of honey. The harvested honey isn’t just added to their show-stopping desserts, it’s used on their spring salads and foraged mushrooms.

Tune in this weekend for more delicious food and incredible stories on an ALL NEW episode of Goodtaste with Tanji.

4 Responses to 3 Can’t-Miss Moments in this Weekend’s NEW Episode

Debbie Broussard says: November 3, 2018 at 8:28 am

My daughter and her husband, Koetting and Kirby Jackson, are eating at his high school friend’s restaurant in Austin this weekend, Olamaie, with Chef Michael Fojtasek! Just wondering if you have plans to feature this eatery in the future!?! It was nominated for the James Beard award recently in 2018! Thanks, we love your show!

Debbie and Bret Broussard


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