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Le Colonial Salmon

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Skip on down to San Antone for a lively brunch like no other at Tony G’s! Have your pick of over 30 classic southern comfort foods, including homemade wings and waffles, hearty gumbo, candied yams and creamy grits. It’s a party for your palate everyday, but Sundays are something special. A free shuttle will drive you from your parked car to the front door, and where else will you find “soul fusion” from Old Savannah. We’re talkin’ classics like Tony’s signature Oxtail Tacos, simmered in salsa verde and tomatoes, then served on two puffy taco shells, topped with a cilantro slaw, queso fresco and avocado.

Tony G's Oxtail Tacos

The celebration is about to begin and you’re invited!



To step foot into Le Colonial is to be transported back in time, to the Saigon of long ago; a bygone era when the French moved in and fell head over heels for the complexity of the Vietnamese cuisine.

Experience a fusion of French-Asian flavors, from the popular Goi Cuon (cold summer rolls with shrimp) to my personal fave, the Banh Cuon, which amounts to Hanoi steamed ravioli stuffed with chicken, wood ear mushrooms, bean sprouts and a chili lime garlic sauce. Light, pillowy perfection!


Come for a posh power lunch, or stay for an intimate dinner. There’s a place for you yet at this untapped oasis.



We’ll also gather in the garden at Vinaigrette in South Austin for sensational soups, sandwiches and all-star salads from a Harvard grad who ditched the bright city lights (plus a promising career in fashion) for life on the family farm! Her organic cuisine hits the sweet spot between health and pleasure…food and drinks so good for you, you’ll leave there feeling fantastic!

Vinaigrette Kale Nachos



It’s the right time for party wines! I’ve got some inexpensive bargains your guests (and your pocketbook) are going to love. My H-E-B Wine Finds of the week!



San Antonio

WOAI | Saturday, March 4th @ 6:00 PM


KPRC | Saturday, March 4th @ 5:00 PM


KEYE | Saturday, March 4th @ 6:30 PM

Corpus Christi

— KUQI | Saturday, March 4th @ 9:30 PM

The Valley

KRGV | Sunday, March 5th @ 12:30 PM


KFDM | Saturday, March 4th (Check Listing)


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