Goodtaste with Tanji – Season 2

Goodtaste with Tanji Season 2

Here’s lookin’ at you, Season 2! Find all 13 episodes right here, ready for viewing on your time. We’ve even broken them down to the individual restaurant segments we feature each episode, so you can jump right to your favorites from each city.

Once again, a HUGE ‘thank you’ to our title sponsor, Sysco Foods, along with my friends at H-E-B for their continued support of Goodtaste with Tanji! The folks at Mercedes Benz of Boerne and San Juan deserve some recognition as well. Thanks guys!!!

Reruns from Season 2 are also airing on TV right now in our usual time slots. For a full listing of showtimes each week, CLICK HERE. And as for Season 3…we’ll see! Stay tuned! 😉


Tanji in front of Hotel EmmaEpisode 1



Episode 2



Tanji in the kitchenEpisode 3



Episode 4



Tanji PattonEpisode 5



Tanji in the kitchenEpisode 6



Tanji in the kitchenEpisode 7



Tanji on Hays Street BridgeEpisode 8



Episode 9



Episode 10



Goodtaste with Tanji S2E11

Episode 11



Tanji in the kitchenEpisode 12



Tanji in the kitchenEpisode 13



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